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Writing is really an art, people make un imaginable money in writing whether online or offline, publishers make the money and writers take their royalty. That is how the media people works. Some people do jobs with employer and some work like a free lancers.

There are all kinds of writers available as the media is grown up over the years like before there might be only few topics available for the interest of the people like poetry, story writers, politics, sports, business etc.

But if you see now a days we have infinite topics to choose from and if someobody sit down to just write the list of the topics I think he/she cannot finish it up in one day or so.

The broader topics that contains hundreds of sub topics, I had compiled for your reference:

    Sience and Technology
    Story Writings
    Techinical Writings
    How to do’s Writings

The Internet which is one of the most popular topic and platform for the writers to write and demonstrate their work is unbeatable, in compare to all other platforms available on this planet.
Every body who know something can write and provide information to the information hungry audience. This is the whole game of Internet, people are selling the information in most easiest ways on Internet.

That is how Internet become one of the greatest library a man had ever made, I called it as universal library, where you can find the information at your finger tips.

Those who know a little about any techincal skills and any life experience can put that information on Internet and make the hungry audience take the information swallow.

God know where will we end in this information race. But one thing is clear that writers has their great time ever on this planet unless the yester year writer who spend whole of their life for just writing a book and compiling it and some time they day before their dream ever realize.

Please if you know anything don’t wait till the sky felldown and don’t you bother about the perfection which might take your whole life, just come up and take action start writing whether in your notebooks or on your personall computer or laptop. Just begin writing, so you write write write…

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