WP Admin Login Problem

I am always having some kind of problem, related to my blog wp-admin login. I am always get frustrated with this problem. So that is why I had decided to write down this post, this might help to some others plus, it will be a good note for myself in the future if I get this kind of problem again then I can go through with this and fix the problem.

What is actually happening is when I am trying to login my wordpress admin panel, I put the username and password and hit enter, it is not going any where, infact my user name is staying the same and password field becoming blank. In the past I had researched on this and above that my experience of resolving this problem, or I should say how I successfully login to the wp admin panel.

I had two different patterns of login to the wp admin panel

1. Rename the plugins directory

Of course the first way is to resolve the problem is to login to your web hosting cpanel and rename the following director:

http://yoursite.com/content/plugins to some things like http://yoursite.com/content/pluginsss

Then login to your blog wp-admin http://yoursite.com/wp-admin. Enter your user details and login

If you successfully login then, just rename back the plugin side



2. Copy and Paste the password

Yes!  Instead of typing your password in the wp-admin/wp-login.php page, just type your password for admin user in a notepad and copy it and paste on the wp-admin/wp-loing.php page and hit enter.

That is it, for this time I had tried both ways on my wordpress blog sites and able to successfully login to the my wordpress admin panel.

If I am able to get some more ways to handle this problem, then definitely I will update here. So, do not forget visit here and post your questions and I will be coming up with some more solutions for you.


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