WordPress theme – Uploading Problem

How to resolve wordpress uploading problem

Whenever upload a wordpress theme’s zip file to the server, always remember to check that this zip file when you extract contain any folder or no?

For example if you did upload the blossom.2.3.zip file to your blogs themes folder under the wp-content folder and you extract it after uploaded by using the control panel.

I think it is a good idea to first unzip on your computer/PC itself in any folder. If you found the theme named folder in this case should be blossom.

If you found the directory blossom and under it you have all the files, then it is ok. Otherwise in some cases you might have another directory under blossom and no files example blossom_v1-4 etc and under that you will have all the theme files.

In that case you should not upload that zip file, instead you should zip the blossom-v1-4 directory that contains all  the files.

Then upload this new zip file and follow the instructions on this post.

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