What is MySQL?

What is MySQL?

Why am I selected this topic?

Always there are lot of queries about the databases available in the market especially when you like to have a big relational database system (RDBS) based application. There are many RDBMS system available in the market at present.  

Brief Introduction

Here I am talking about the one which is having GPL or free source licensed, you are absolutely right! This is none other than MySQL database.

It is so popular in the online world that almost 60% of the websites running on this RDBS system. Any dynamic website cannot afford to run without this MySQL.

Application of MySQL

As I mention in the above section the application of the MySQL database mostly online dynamic websites along with another power language PHP for the website development is used more often on the websites. Especially with the web hosting service provider is having Linux as their server operating system.

Of course nobody can deny the application for the corporate and government sector for their robust applications they are using MySQL as their backend system.

Another application is in the education field where big schools and universities are moving rapidly towards MySQL because of overall cost and maintenance and its functionality.

Let us summarize the applications of the MySQL database:

  1. Online websites
  2. Corporate Sectors
  3.  Government Organizations
  4. Educational institutions



MySQL as the new passion

My new passion related to MySQL is developed, because I am supporting students for their final semester’s IT projects. So since 2006 students want to use MySQL as the backend for their project. Till now I was working on website development where MySQL is the popular backend used.

This time I have to use MySQL on my PC based applications because of some of the students they are using MySQL  as I mention earlier in their applications as the backend.

This is really big revolution in the IT sector especially when we are talking about the job market, MySQL has yielded several jobs in the market for MySQL database administration and application developers.

My solute! To the people, whoever behind the making of MySQL database system.

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