Website Coding Anatomy

Website Coding Anatomy

HTML is used to design a static site, like a brochure or a fixed webpage. There is no interaction with users, except they can just click on the different links and go to the other pages. You cannot take any users data. You can just display the data like you are word document with formatted text and images.

HTML is a language used to describe to a browser how to display text and other objects in a browser window. It is not a programming language. HTML works on a client computer (the system on which the page is being viewed).

HTML language does not require anything special thing on your computer except the Internet browser, Firefox, Chrome. to learn web designing. You can write the code in simple notepad or word pad, but the result or out put need to be check in internet explorer.

Send me the question you have in your mind or you can dig little bit on net to know the html programming too.

PHP is a scripting language, and can be used to create web pages written in HTML. PHP runs on the server (the system from which the page comes), and is a full-fledged programming language.PHP is useful for making dynamic websites, like most of the websites or webpages, that can ask you to enter the your name and email address and password etc. When you enter those information and click on submit button. Then it will take the data and store into the web server. This is called interactive webpage or dynamic webpage. Where user can interact with the website.

PHP languageĀ  need to be installed on the web server, then only it will work.
I suggest first you go with HTML, search on google and make few pages and understand the concept then you can start the PHP.

I am here for more help for you. You can ask any question so that I can answer you and clear you, really the key here to ask question, if you did not ask, then you will never learn. I am insisting on asking the questions.

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