Solid 7 Days Step by Step to $100 a Day Plan – Day 1

Day 1 – Step 1

Today you need to pick a profitable niche/market that consists of a targeted
audience that is actively spending money right now.

Your job is to simply position yourself in such a way that people will be ready
and willing to give you money in exchange for the solutions to their problems.

Well, first I recommend you go to and check out the
ClickBank marketplace.

In the ClickBank marketplace you will find lots of categories that have are
proven to be profitable.

Look at the various categories and choose 3 categories that you find
interesting while also having multiple products available to promote as an

If a category has multiple products available to be promoted then that is an
indicator that the niche is profitable.

Also, check to see if the products have a decent gravity figure.

For example if a product has a gravity of 100 then that tells you that a lot of
affiliates are successfully promoting the product.

If the gravity for a product is only 5 then it shows that there are some
affiliates who are successfully promoting the product but there is no large

Once you have chosen 3 categories you need to narrow it down to one based on
how passionate you areĀ about the subject and how much more profitable it
may be in comparison to the other two categories you have chosen.

Next you want to choose a product that you would like to promote in your chosen

Check out the products sales pages, the commissions, and the gravity to help
you choose the right product.

I usually choose a product that pays at least $20 in commission, has a gravity
of 5 or higher, and has an excellent sales page that compels me to buy the

Once you have your niche and product to promote you will need a domain.

Choosing a domain can be as simple as your name ( or you can create
a business name ( or you can combine your name with your
business name (

You can get creative or keep it simple, but just make sure your domain is
relevant to your niche.

I recommend you get your domain from or

If you are using you should be able to find discount coupons by
doing a quick search on Google for Godaddy coupon code.

Once your domain is purchased you will need to get a hosting account. I
recommend Hostgator as a hosting provider. There are many other options but I have been using Hostgator for over 5 years with no problems.

You will also need an Autoresponder which is what you will use to build a list
of email subscribers as well as send out automatic emails promoting the product
you chose from

The Autoresponder I recommend is Getresponse.

Lastly you will need to upload wordpress to your domain and point your
nameservers on your domain towards your new hosting account

Here are some videos to help you setup your domain, hosting, Autoresponder, as
well as upload WordPress to your new domain:

(Check out the pdf to access the videos)

> Click Here To Watch Domain And Hosting Setup Video

> Click Here To Watch Autoresponder Setup Video

> Click Here To Watch Hosting And Uploading WordPress To Domain Video