Local Business Marketing – Case Study

Local business marketing is somewhat tricky, means you cannot guess the result. It is always unexpected. I am mentioning here is the true case study of local business which don’t have any only presence yet.

They had tried news paper advertisings in their native language to target native language speaking clients. It works for only couple of times after that it never worked. Literally there was no single call for their ads.

Then they started another advertising strategy of leaflets which ultimately improve their business. They print information with some offer and let some people distribute them in and around the neighborhood. Whenever they add a new product line then they repeat this strategy and working fine so far.

Once again they had tried to target some large group and they advertised again in English news paper. This time off course they got enquiries through phone calls, but from little far away from their place. There is no possibility to serve those clients. Then they return back to their working strategy. But this means they cannot grow their business, they have to content with whatever clients they get from their and surrounding neighborhood only.

Looks like the only solution they have to spread out their business in other part of the city, by opening their branches or so.

They realized that and they did open another branch in another area also. They started their advertising campaign with their presently working advertising strategy of leaflets and distributions it in the surrounding areas. But guess what? It was super flop, which is a great shock for these people. Then they tried the path of newspaper first in native language and it got very good response and then they got some clients which covered their new office expenses.

But they are not here to cover only their office expenses, for the matter of fact they are here to make profit or I have to say big profit. They started to advertise in English newspaper and you guess what? Bet you on that and you are right this time they got unbelievable success.


What works in one part of the city did not work in another part of the same city. Look at that one part of the city they got clients through the leaflets whereas anther part of the city they got success by newspaper advertisements.

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