How To Upload WordPress Plugin

To upload WordPress plugin or wp plugin to your WordPress blog. Using control panel

Download the plugin on to your computer or PC. Usually with extension zip
1. Login to your website control panel

2. Go to Legacy File Manager or File Manager

3. Go to your WordPress blog’s wp-content directory

4. Go to plugins directory

5. Click on Upload option

6. Click on Browse button

7. Select your computer/pc directory where you have download plugin zip file

8. Click on Open

9. Click on Upload button

10. To refresh the folder content of your wp-plugin directory

11. Click on Directory One level Up (that will take you to the wp-content directory)

12. Click again on wp-plugins directory (now you can see your zip file is sitting there)

13. Click on your plugin zip file link (text link)

14. Right side of the control panel you will have this file name along with some options like copy, move, extract etc.)

15. Click on Extract option( a window will open with shows the extracted files and directories)

16. You are done here, now you can go to your WordPress admin and under the plugins you will   find your new plugin there

17. You can click on the “Activate” plugin option to activate the new plugin.

18. Congrats you just installed and activated a wordpress plugin on your site.

19. Keep coming on this site I will provide you information about good plugins which are worth to have on your wordpress blog.

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