How To Replace Disk In Raid 5

One fine day I went to my work and here some weird sound from my HP DL380 Server Rack, I open the rack and found out that one of hard disk out of 3 was having orange light, which is usually green. There was some bad noise too.

I immediately realized that my disk is gone bad. Thank fully we have configured in Raid-5 the system was working fine. Except this hard disk.

Then I took out the hard disk and made order and after I received the hard disk, it is time to put it back into the raid.  I am using Linux Red Hat EPL 2.4 operating system on my HP DL380 server. So I went through all of the Linux option to find out how to replace the hard disk.

Not only that I also made lot of search on Internet by using different search engines. But believe me I did not got I am looking for. But with my experience I know one thing that these are the smart servers with smart raid controllers, I don’t have to do much on it.

I took out the CD for the Server configuration and boot the system from that CD. I found that Array Diagnostic option is there, which was showing me that one of my hard disk was having problem. Showing me the error.

Then I just plug-in the hard disk in the server’s built in disk rack, from which previously I had taken out the damaged disk and click Rescan button of the Array Diagnostic utility and found out that the disk is showing up and a message is coming saying that the raid “disk building” .

Then I thought were should I can find out the about the disk building progress. So stop Array Diagnostics and started Array Configuration utility and here I right click on logical volume took the properties and I got the progress bar showing how much percentage disk building process is finished.

After completing of 100% disk building process, I check everything is is looking fine.

Short steps to replace hard disk in the raid 5 of HP DL380 Proliant Server:

1. Shutdown the system

2. Boot the system with the Smart Start Cd from HP.

3. Start Array diagnostics

4. Insert the disk in its place holder

5. Refresh the diagnostics to see ( disk building in progress)

6. Quite Array Diagnostics

7. Start Array Configuration

8. Right click on the Logical volume

9. Click on Properties to get the disk building progress bar

10. Wait until 100% and exit the Smart Start

11. Restart the system

One thought on “How To Replace Disk In Raid 5

  1. Another way to replace the bad disk from the raid 5 in Linux EL 4

    Another way to replace the bad disk from the raid 5

    1. shutdown the system
    2. replace the bad disk with new disk
    3. restart the system
    4. it will ask for an automatic data recovery option, you can reply it by pressing (F1)

    The new disk will automatically configure, in my case it took around 40 minutes

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