Do Not Use Free Hosting Services

Do not believe me, but this is the fact that do not put your efforts some where else,  where you do not have any control on it.

Well, I finally had to learn the hard way. All of my marketing friends and colleagues said I was crazy to post all of my work and content on a free Blogger blog. I started my blog almost a year ago and had over 340 posts. I worked hard on it and had a PR4 and over 1,000 backlinks. I was getting 400 – 5000 uniques a day and it was pulling in anywhere from $300-$500 per month between Adsense, Clickbank, and my own PLR products and articles that I sell.

One bad day the blogger flagged it as spam a week ago and took it down. I appealed, and lost. When I asked why it was considered spam, the answer I got was that “Blogger is getting away from that kind of content”. They won’t even let me have access to my articles so I can re-post them on the hosted WordPress blog that I finally set up. Considering that I’m collecting unemployment, and had finally started to think I could actually make a full-time living from internet marketing, I have this happen. What a shame. Beware if you use blogger. I don’t think Google likes affiliate marketers.

That is  really heartening . I have to tried some kind of technique to extract my ban site’s articles
The lesson is – backup everything you have on your site regualarly, even if it’s on blogging site.

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