How To Replace Disk In Raid 5

One fine day I went to my work and here some weird sound from my HP DL380 Server Rack, I open the rack and found out that one of hard disk out of 3 was having orange light, which is usually green. There was some bad noise too.

I immediately realized that my disk is gone bad. Thank fully we have configured in Raid-5 the system was working fine. Except this hard disk.

Then I took out the hard disk and made order and after I received the hard disk, it is time to put it back into the raid.  I am using Linux Red Hat EPL 2.4 operating system on my HP DL380 server. So I went through all of the Linux option to find out how to replace the hard disk.

Not only that I also made lot of search on Internet by using different search engines. But believe me I did not got I am looking for. But with my experience I know one thing that these are the smart servers with smart raid controllers, I don’t have to do much on it.

I took out the CD for the Server configuration and boot the system from that CD. I found that Array Diagnostic option is there, which was showing me that one of my hard disk was having problem. Showing me the error.

Then I just plug-in the hard disk in the server’s built in disk rack, from which previously I had taken out the damaged disk and click Rescan button of the Array Diagnostic utility and found out that the disk is showing up and a message is coming saying that the raid “disk building” .

Then I thought were should I can find out the about the disk building progress. So stop Array Diagnostics and started Array Configuration utility and here I right click on logical volume took the properties and I got the progress bar showing how much percentage disk building process is finished.

After completing of 100% disk building process, I check everything is is looking fine.

Short steps to replace hard disk in the raid 5 of HP DL380 Proliant Server:

1. Shutdown the system

2. Boot the system with the Smart Start Cd from HP.

3. Start Array diagnostics

4. Insert the disk in its place holder

5. Refresh the diagnostics to see ( disk building in progress)

6. Quite Array Diagnostics

7. Start Array Configuration

8. Right click on the Logical volume

9. Click on Properties to get the disk building progress bar

10. Wait until 100% and exit the Smart Start

11. Restart the system

Local Business Advertising Ideas

These are the some ways to advertise for the local business;

Bus signs: You can ask to put the sing on public transportation bus

Taxi signs: Again you can advertise on taxi by contacting the cabs companies.

Local radio: It is also one of the effective ways to target on the local radio for small time slot.

Newspaper: This media really give you the choice to select your target communities also

Famous websites: The locally popular website is another option to advertise for example (craigslist/kijiji). You can probably buy advertising space on popular local websites .
Flyers are the old fashion way to advertisement, but require little effort from you also to post manually. Better to post them round your neighborhood. Post it on local community bulletin boards.

You can try some local online marketing strategies also.

For example;

Online Forums: Find some local forums online and then promote your site on these forums

Coupons: You can also choose to make a deal with the local restaurant or the dry cleaner to give away the list of their customers to you. In exchange you can offer their customers a free lunch or coupons that would enable them to shop at the most happening or at least a fairly good shopping mall of their city.

Google Adwords: It is really great for local campaigns.

Distribution network : What about getting a distribution network of local business owners who either for free (or for a price) will place promotional materials for your business. Like a stack of postcards by the cash register or a poster or something.

Direct Mail: Direct mailers might work.

Your Vehicle: Put your URL or local business name and address on your vehicle.

Media coverage: Try to get the local paper/tv network to run a story on your website.

Facebook: It would probably work well.

Email campaign: E-mailers that have an element to them that encourages people to forward them to their friends.

Meetups: Participate those group meeting and such might also help you.

3 Steps Online Business Model

I like throwing out helpful threads that have actionable content people can actually use, so here’s another one. This is a plan any beginner- or person who’s not making any money online right now- can use to start making money online.

Quick Disclaimer: Yes I make money online, and actively implement everything I teach (including what’s below). No I’m not doing this as blatant advertising or with any other intention of hidden goals. The purpose of this thread is to provide actionable content people can legitimately use to get something going and possible start making money.

With that said, a couple quick comments…

Nothing in here is difficult to do, but most of it will take some time. I’ll even show you how to take most of the thought out of the process, just because it’s so easy to get hung up on 100,000 little things, all of which won’t even make you money. Also, this method going to cost you tons. We’re talking at least $10, maybe as much as $20.

Here’s the gist of it, though there’s some cool twists throughout:

1. Find a niche and verify that it’s worth entering.
2. Use PLR products to enter into that niche.
3. Blow up your traffic.

That’s it. Now, to go a little deeper (since that effectively told you nothing):

Step 1: Find a niche and verify it’s worth entering:

You’ve heard a million times, “find a niche”. Some courses will say to make a list of things you’re passionate about or topics you know more about than anyone else.

You think you got it bad? I’m a coffee-drinking artist that plays racquetball daily and eats sushi. Try monetizing THAT. Yeah, probably not gunna happen.

So, for people in my boat, here’s a way to find a niche without thinking about it:

  • Go to Clickbank and look through the Categories for something of interest.
    (Note: these “categories” represent ‘broad markets’.)
  • Click through the Categories to the Sub-Categories.
    (note: these “sub-categories represent ‘niches’, so whenever I reference ‘niches’ from here on out, it’s in reference to a sub-category of a broad market.)
  • Browse around until you find a niche that has at least a few products from it with a Gravity of at least 15-20.
    (This indicates affiliates are making money promoting this stuff.)

That’s how I find niches. You’re looking at the numbers, forget what you know about the niche. You’re not going to be using these products either, we’re just making sure this niche has products that affiliates are making money with.

Now, we need to make sure that niche is worth going into. Here’s how to do that in 3 steps:

1. Make sure affiliates are making money in that niche.

  • You do this by looking at products with decent Gravities. Gravity = affiliates promoting it, and probably making money with it if they’re promoting it.

2. Make sure consumers are active and spending money in that niche.

  • Go to and search for your general niche. If you found yourself in the Dance section of Clickbank and you saw that Ballet product in there as I just did, I’d search for “Ballet” on Amazon.
  • Look for books in that niche, both how many and that there is feedback/ratings for many of them. This will indicate consumers are both active and buying information in that niche.

3. Make sure advertisers are spending money to advertise in that niche.

  • To do this, simply search for your niche in Google, using various keyword phrases. Make sure there’s Adwords ads running to indicate advertisers are paying to advertise for that niche.

Done. Don’t over-complicate this and do it now. Once done, on to step 2.

Time on this step: 1 hour
Total time: 1 hour

Step 2: Use PLR products to enter that niche.

I’d personally always recommend building a list in any given niche. Always. Even for ballet, yes. Here’s why: are you passionate about IM? Maybe, maybe not. How many products have you bought that relate to IM? (Personally: IM is my passion and I’ve bought a ****load of stuff from it.) How many times did you see the last offer you bought before you bought it?

Normally it takes someone seeing something 7 times to make a buyer-related decision. That means that if they come to your site and you try to sell them on the spot, not many people will buy it. But, if you get their name and email so you can contact them again to send them cool stuff, build rapport, and/or show them your offer more a few more times, there’s a much larger chance they’ll buy something from you. And if it’s their passion, chances are they’ll buy more than one thing in the future.

You get the picture.

So now what? Now you need to find something to give away to build a list. Here’s a shortcut for doing that, and one that kills like 4.5 birds with one stone:

Use PLR!

Yep, PLR is definitely in right now, and will continue to be. Why? Because nearly all the work is done for you, and we all like having things handed to us.

Did you know that if you go to Google and search for “PLR ebooks”, you can find thousands of complete, niche-related ebooks waiting for you to slap your name on them and make money selling them?

Oh, and also- try searching for “PLR minisite package” or “PLR niche site package”. You can find pre-made products, with sales letters, articles, reports, copy, autoresponder sequences, and more… All included! I recently did such a search for a niche and found one that contained:

  • 1 whole ebook
  • a 4-part audio book companion
  • a free complimentary report
  • the sales letter with custom order buttons
  • professional graphics (+ source files)
  • 7-day autoresponder follow-up series
  • matching custom WordPress theme (+ header graphics)
  • 30 PLR articles
  • a pre-written squeeze page
  • affiliate banners (+ source files)
  • affiliate, contact, terms, and disclaimer pages (in HTML)
  • a custom Thank You page for downloading the ebook
  • …and ecover/report graphics

Not bad… for $5.95!!

Seriously, all that would cost you probably hundreds of dollars to create, and I got it all for under $6. That’s ridiculous, but it’s also the reality, and there’s thousands of packs exactly like that out there.

So when you find your niche, search for “[your niche] PLR ebook”. You’re mainly looking to find a PLR ebook from your niche so you can restructure it and use it to build your list. If you want to get the whole sha-bang, you can search for: “[your niche keyword] PLR niche site package” (example: “ballet PLR niche site package”) to find a whole site package.

Either way works, but since I’m just going to show you how to structure a list-building campaign, I’ll stick to the “[niche] PLR ebook” search.

Alright, so you find a PLR ebook from your niche. Now what you want to do is take a couple chapters out of it, and use those chapters as bait to get opt-ins. I’d take the 2 best chapters out of the ebook, either the ones that have the best titles, or the ones that contain information people are searching about (which you’d find by going to your niche-related forums/blogs and see what topics in that niche people are discussing).

Note: In this step, you’ll need to set up a squeeze page and autoresponder, which between the 2 could run you as little as $1.90 ($0.89 for a “.info” domain at Godaddy, $0.01 for hosting for your first month using a coupon code at Hostgator, $1 trial to Aweber). High-converting squeeze page templates can be found by Google-searching “free squeeze page templates”.

If you download the ones here (not an affiliate link), it’s nearly all fill-in-the-blank, taking a lot of the thought out of it. And if you use NVU or Kompozer to edit the HTML files, it’s also completely free.

Give away the chapters you took out of your PLR ebook to the people that opt in. Then, you already have either even more content to give them, or you have a product you can sell them (usually for around $27-$47). And if you found a niche site, you already have all the sales stuff, too. Otherwise, you know there are other Clickbank products in your niche that affiliates are making money with… Why not be one of them?

Next, make a series of at least 7-10 autoresponder emails. The first (on Day 0) should give them the link to download their report/chapters. The second (on Day 1) should check to make sure they got that link. The third (on Day 2) should check to see if they have any questions. The fourth (on Day 4) should send them more free content (YouTube videos, more chapters from the ebook, free PLR reports, etc). From there on out, you can start promoting things, spacing out the emails by 2-3 days.

This step CAN get a little technical, but it shouldn’t take too long. That will depend on your experience with squeeze pages, websites, etc, but the whole ‘buying a product, taking a couple chapters out’ part doesn’t take long at all… Under a couple hours, even.

The purpose of everything we’re doing here with this funnel we’re setting up is to:

1. build a list
2. establish some rapport with that list
3. promote products to that list (either your own or as an affiliate)
4. Make money (ideally, your first $100)

Time on this step: up to 4 hours (depending on if you know anything about setting up squeeze pages, websites, etc)
Total time: up to 5 hours

At this point, you should have an offer structured and ready to send traffic to. Now comes the traffic, which is the one thing that will actually MAKE you money…

3: Blow up your traffic.

Here’s the hardest part for some. They’ll have no problems making their offer, but when it comes down to the mysterious and ominous ‘traffic generation’, people shut down.

Well here’s a little traffic-getting secret I’d like to share:

You can get as much traffic as you want to work for.

True story. With traffic generation, rule of thumb when you’re first getting going is typically the more and harder you work, the more traffic you’ll get. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work smart though, which is something I’m going to cover here as well.

It’s common knowledge article marketing is awesome and can be very rewarding, partly because it pre-qualifies visitors to your site in a way, while also semi-establishing you as an authority figure in your niche.

Here’s what I’d do for this step, to once again take most of the thought out of it:

  1. Buy a pack of PLR articles on your niche (for next to nothing).
  2. Download the cool free software I just recently found called Article Reviser (not affiliated or any way, nor is that an affiliate link). This is a free software that helps you rewrite articles fast as hell. Using this, it will take a very short time to rewrite all the PLR articles you bought, making them all completely unique content and able to be submitted to article directories.
  3. After you have your own unique articles, download the free article-submitting software by Brad Callen. Use this to syndicate your articles to every article directory you can.

I don’t want to get too much more into traffic beyond that here, since there’s a ton of threads already covering it. If you want all the traffic you can handle, Travis has an incredible thread here that covers all you’ll ever need: 28-Day Plan for Traffic.

Time on this step: all you have, after you register to the article-submitter software sites.
Total time: 5 hours, plus all you have to spend driving traffic

Total cost: $1.90 + any PLR you buy (on average, under $10), then roughly [$19 + $9.95]/month after that for Aweber and HostGator.

And that’s pretty much it you guys. I’ll probably be adding little things to this here and there, but that’s really all there is to this. Don’t over-complicate this stuff, as it’s not too hard. Some of it may be technical and time-consuming, but it’s certainly not hard. If I can do it, you can.

The goal of this thread is to show beginners a way to get something up and running and make their first $100, which is totally possible. And I show you how to get running for under $10. Quit getting stuck on all the little steps. You don’t need your own product or to spend hours and hours writing articles. I’ve shown you shortcuts for those, so take action and GO.

Make it happen, since I know you can. And feel free to PM me, email me, or Skype me with any questions or if you need any help with anything

Local Business Marketing – Case Study

Local business marketing is somewhat tricky, means you cannot guess the result. It is always unexpected. I am mentioning here is the true case study of local business which don’t have any only presence yet.

They had tried news paper advertisings in their native language to target native language speaking clients. It works for only couple of times after that it never worked. Literally there was no single call for their ads.

Then they started another advertising strategy of leaflets which ultimately improve their business. They print information with some offer and let some people distribute them in and around the neighborhood. Whenever they add a new product line then they repeat this strategy and working fine so far.

Once again they had tried to target some large group and they advertised again in English news paper. This time off course they got enquiries through phone calls, but from little far away from their place. There is no possibility to serve those clients. Then they return back to their working strategy. But this means they cannot grow their business, they have to content with whatever clients they get from their and surrounding neighborhood only.

Looks like the only solution they have to spread out their business in other part of the city, by opening their branches or so.

They realized that and they did open another branch in another area also. They started their advertising campaign with their presently working advertising strategy of leaflets and distributions it in the surrounding areas. But guess what? It was super flop, which is a great shock for these people. Then they tried the path of newspaper first in native language and it got very good response and then they got some clients which covered their new office expenses.

But they are not here to cover only their office expenses, for the matter of fact they are here to make profit or I have to say big profit. They started to advertise in English newspaper and you guess what? Bet you on that and you are right this time they got unbelievable success.


What works in one part of the city did not work in another part of the same city. Look at that one part of the city they got clients through the leaflets whereas anther part of the city they got success by newspaper advertisements.

Do Not Use Free Hosting Services

Do not believe me, but this is the fact that do not put your efforts some where else,  where you do not have any control on it.

Well, I finally had to learn the hard way. All of my marketing friends and colleagues said I was crazy to post all of my work and content on a free Blogger blog. I started my blog almost a year ago and had over 340 posts. I worked hard on it and had a PR4 and over 1,000 backlinks. I was getting 400 – 5000 uniques a day and it was pulling in anywhere from $300-$500 per month between Adsense, Clickbank, and my own PLR products and articles that I sell.

One bad day the blogger flagged it as spam a week ago and took it down. I appealed, and lost. When I asked why it was considered spam, the answer I got was that “Blogger is getting away from that kind of content”. They won’t even let me have access to my articles so I can re-post them on the hosted WordPress blog that I finally set up. Considering that I’m collecting unemployment, and had finally started to think I could actually make a full-time living from internet marketing, I have this happen. What a shame. Beware if you use blogger. I don’t think Google likes affiliate marketers.

That is  really heartening . I have to tried some kind of technique to extract my ban site’s articles
The lesson is – backup everything you have on your site regualarly, even if it’s on blogging site.