2 Ways of Bringing Web Site Traffic

An essential step after creating your web site is to bring in the visitors which are also known as bringing traffic to your web site.

Why traffic is important?

Without traffic the web site is like a supermarket with thousands of products but nobody is there to purchase or even to see those products. Same goes for your online business web site, you need people to visit your web site and see the products which you had showcased for them.

There are two ways you can bring the traffic to your web site
1. Free traffic
2. Paid traffic

Free traffic:

This is one of the good methods for your online business web site, but it is very difficult to have free traffic, unless some popular search engines had bookmarked your site by the called indexing.

Then anybody from your target market is searched for something, these search engines bring your web site in front of them and they visit your web site to your web site by clicking on the search engine results and then they check your products and other things, and if they like you will be rich because they will purchase your product and fill your wallet.

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17 thoughts on “2 Ways of Bringing Web Site Traffic

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